Modern Staircase


Metal engineering and fabrication that powers the Australian economy


With over 45 years of experience, Jenkin Bros. Engineers have worked on countless projects within the mining, construction, and energy sectors. Our metal fabrication and machining is designed to last in the harsh Australian climate.


As a 100% wholly Australian owned and operated business, Jenkin Bros. Engineers understands that metal products for the Australian mining industry need to be built to endure the harshest environments and weather in Australia. Our metal engineering services for the mining industry include fabrication, repair, and refurbishment. Whether the project is small-scale or a large operation, our expert team can help.



Australian building and construction companies require a vast range of metal fabrication and machining solutions for each one of their projects. Our comprehensive range of metal manufacturing services for the construction industry includes the fabrication, and delivery of architectural fittings and finishes such as swages, clevises, hinges, handrails, door latches, stairs, signs, and power distribution structures. 

Wooden Stairs


Jenkin Bros. Engineers works with companies within different sectors of the energy industry to provide them with customised metal engineering solutions that meet their needs. This includes the high-quality fabrication and machining of intricate components and parts for power distribution structures, cooling systems, conveyor belts, handrails, and cages.

Wind Turbines